Chaoyi Zhang (PhD student in 2016-2022)

2022 Ray Wu Prize

2020 National Scholarship

Zheyi Ni (PhD student in 2017- )

2021 National Scholarship

Yiyan Dong (PhD student in 2016- )

2019 National Scholarship

2018 Zhu Kezhen Prize of ZJU

2018 "Young Scholar" awarded by Jinsong Li, director of Shanghai Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Yihui Cui (Postdoc in 2014-2018)

2019 China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists

Zhengxiao Fan (PhD student in 2015-1022)

2019 National Scholarship

Tingting Zhou (PhD student in 2011-2018)

2018 CAS President Award

2018 Ray Wu Prize 

2017 National Scholarship

2017 Cold Spring Harbor Asia poster award

Hong Zhu (PhD student in 2010-2018)

2017  Cold Spring Harbor Asia poster award

2015  Cold Spring Harbor Asia poster award

Kun Li (PhD student in 2008-2014)

2014 CAS President Award

2014 Ray Wu Prize

2013 National Scholarship

Tao Zhou (PhD student in 2008-2014)

2019 China National Funds for Distinguished Young Scientists

Fei Wang (PhD student in 2008-2014)

2012 CAS President Award